lightning_rune_icon.png Lightning Runes in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition can be slotted into weapons with an empty Rune slot. It is the least effective type of Lightning Rune.

  • Effect: Adds 10 electricity damage to each weapon strike.
  • Note: There is also a Master Lightning Rune & Superb Lightning Rune
  • Location: The Storm Coast - Get the Veilfire in Lyrium Falls, the glyph is in the cave leading into Lyrium Falls on the right as you're leaving.
    Location: Crestwood - Southern-most cave at the top of the ridge overlooking the lake. Three trout farm camp or Caer Bronach (fort) are the closest fast travel points. The cave entrance is almost directly between those two fast travel points, but very far south of them.
    Location: Emerald Graves - Get the Veilfire in Watcher's Reach and head down the path south, will be on the right side wall.

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