master_frost_rune_icon.png Master Frost Runes in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition can be slotted into weapons with an empty Rune slot. It is the median effective type of Frost Rune.

  • Effect: Adds 16 cold damage to each weapon strike.
  • Note: There is also a Frost Rune & Superb Frost Rune
  • Location: The Hinterlands - Dungeon in the north-west corner.
    Location: The Western Approach - Echoback Fort (cave icon) southeast of Coracavus camp.
    Location: Emprise du Lion - At the end of a long tunnel in Sahrnia Quarry. Grab the veil fire at the end and start running back down the tunnel, left side wall in a little alcove. There is no rune on the wall that is visible.

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